Monday, September 27, 2010

Auto Insurance/Bills... soooo depressing

I finally am feeling the effects of my car accident this past summer. Nothing like a fender bender... now I'm forking out an extra $30 a month to get that all covered. It's amazing how a 2 second incident can effect you for such a long time after the fact (especially since there was no damage either way... but that's another story entirely)

On top of that, I blew out my ankle back in August, and the messed up college student insurance program forces me to pay an inflated amount out of pocket. Thankfully it's a small amount (at least for a medical bill), but that just means less money for me :(

Maybe I should get Peter Francis Geracy on my case...


  1. ugh I'm a broke student and can feel your pain. good luck!

  2. dude I am also a broke student. good luck with your bills haha!

  3. Sorry to hear. But this things happen normally. So its very important to get the review of that before reaching there. LA Auto Insurance