Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eating in the Dorms...

First of all - yes I changed my blog title - since all I seem to do is bitch about money in my posts, why not base the entire blog on it!?

Anyways, back to complaining... Being a junior in college, I am one of the few members in my class to still live in the dorms. Thus, I am subjected to eating cafeteria food the majority of the time. I can't really complain about quality overall - my university does a pretty good job with making edible food. However, what I can complain about is the price of eating in the dorms.

I am currently on the basic meal plan at school. According to the university, this sets me up to eat 2 meals per day (since I don't wake up for breakfast. Unlike other universities in which you can eat whatever you want in said meal, we pay for each item individually. This plan gave me roughly $800 to last the semester.As of now, I sit at just over $400.

Doing the math, this simply will not map out for the rest of the semester: and its not just me. All of those around me are in the same boat. We eat normal-portioned meals, and we dont spend a lot on snacks in our convenience stores... so it has to be the food providers.

We pay roughly 4.50 a meal - That's with an "entree", a side or two, and a drink. And that's on the cheap side, as in, getting a shit slice of pizza fries and a coke... "healthy food" is much more expensive.

So either I eat less and/or garbage food, or eat decent food now and pay more out of pocket later... what does your food budget look like, college-goers?


  1. thank god that going to university is much cheaper in germany.

  2. That sounds shitty, bro. Props for doing what is necessary to get that education, though. Victory is near.