Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eating in the Dorms...

First of all - yes I changed my blog title - since all I seem to do is bitch about money in my posts, why not base the entire blog on it!?

Anyways, back to complaining... Being a junior in college, I am one of the few members in my class to still live in the dorms. Thus, I am subjected to eating cafeteria food the majority of the time. I can't really complain about quality overall - my university does a pretty good job with making edible food. However, what I can complain about is the price of eating in the dorms.

I am currently on the basic meal plan at school. According to the university, this sets me up to eat 2 meals per day (since I don't wake up for breakfast. Unlike other universities in which you can eat whatever you want in said meal, we pay for each item individually. This plan gave me roughly $800 to last the semester.As of now, I sit at just over $400.

Doing the math, this simply will not map out for the rest of the semester: and its not just me. All of those around me are in the same boat. We eat normal-portioned meals, and we dont spend a lot on snacks in our convenience stores... so it has to be the food providers.

We pay roughly 4.50 a meal - That's with an "entree", a side or two, and a drink. And that's on the cheap side, as in, getting a shit slice of pizza fries and a coke... "healthy food" is much more expensive.

So either I eat less and/or garbage food, or eat decent food now and pay more out of pocket later... what does your food budget look like, college-goers?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Auto Insurance/Bills... soooo depressing

I finally am feeling the effects of my car accident this past summer. Nothing like a fender bender... now I'm forking out an extra $30 a month to get that all covered. It's amazing how a 2 second incident can effect you for such a long time after the fact (especially since there was no damage either way... but that's another story entirely)

On top of that, I blew out my ankle back in August, and the messed up college student insurance program forces me to pay an inflated amount out of pocket. Thankfully it's a small amount (at least for a medical bill), but that just means less money for me :(

Maybe I should get Peter Francis Geracy on my case...

Friday, September 24, 2010


Work on the street is Lindsay Lohan is heading back to the slammer due to parole violation... and I say who cares. Seriously... the way in which we waste our lives caring about celebrities is disgusting. I stopped giving a fuck about Lohan after she lost her D cups. I don't get why society eats such terrible news up like they do...

Of course this doesnt go for just Lohan... I've written half of my BS'd college papers on the concept of celebrity worship. I think we need to pay more attention on important matters than the Hollywood tabloids. Seriously, go read a book or something.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spending Habits...

so i spend wayyyy to much money for a college student. I make about $250/month for the shite job i currently have, and i spend about every penny of it on shit i dont need. For example: With my past paycheck just a few days ago, i blew ~$200 on clothes, accessories, peircings and going out to eat. What the hell should I do to stop spending money???


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sports Of 2000 Broadcast

Thanks,____ . With the turn into the new millennium came countless legendary sports headlines. No time to waste! Let’s get right into it and see how many you remember…
(Sports intro)
Here are just a few of the top sports headlines you missed in the year 2000…
After both going 13-3 in the regular season and getting through the playoffs virtually unscathed, the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans started off the millennium with a bang in Super Bowl XXIV (34). After a defensively intense 1st half, the Rams were holding on to a slim 9-0 lead over Steve McNair and the Titans. Things were taken up a notch in the second half: After a quick touchdown reception by Rams wideout Torry Holt to put St. Louis up 16, Titans Running back Eddie George made things interesting with 2 rushing touchdowns to put the score at 16-13 with just minutes left in the 4th. After a late Titans FG to tie the game up, Rams QB Kurt Warner sent a 73-yard bomb out to Isaac Bruce to put the Rams back on top. With one last desperation drive, the Titans made their final stand on the Rams’ 10 yard line. After dishing the ball to Eddie George, the powerful Ram D stopped George’s run at the 1 yard line – literally inches from the goal line. The rams ended up taking the game, with a young Kurt Warner taking the MVP Title.
The dynasty of the NBA that is the Los Angeles Lakers got its jump start in the Year 2000, taking its first of several NBA titles in this decade against the Indiana Pacers. NBA Hall of famer and Lakers General Manager Jerry West wasted little time improving his squad after losing to the San Antonio Spurs in 1999, but surrounding the dynamic duo of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neill with the experience of Ron Harper, Glen Rice and the legendary coach: Phil Jackson. With so much talent on one team, it was almost unfair to the Pacers as basketball fans watched the Lakers stomp the Pacers in 6 games. The 7’1 monster Shaquille O’Neill won the MVP
(Olympic Music)
With Summer in high gear, and 2000 being an even-numbered year, it can only mean one thing – The Olympics! Held in Sydney Australia this time around, the 2000 Summer Olympics had countless highlights and memories. Here are just a few of them:
·   USA’s Maurice Green took the title of World’s Fastest Man in the 100m, posting a scorching time of 9.87 seconds to take the gold
·   USA’s Marion Jones took the Gold for Womens 100m, but she was later stripped of her title due to allegations of doping prior to the race back in 2007.
·   Overall, in an Olympiad filled with scandals and multiple confirmed uses of Performance-Enhancing Drugs, The USA still won the overall medal count with 16 total medals, 7 of which were gold.
Oh, but we’re not done yet! Here are a few quick headlines in the sporting world of 2000:
·   The Oklahoma Sooners brought home the BCS Championship Title on New Years Day
·   Michigan State and Tom Izzo tore apart the Florida Gators 89-76 in the 2000 NCAA March Madness Tournament
·   Legendary Golfer Tiger Woods became the first player in 50 years to win 3 major tournaments in one year.
·   Lance Armstrong won the Tour De France…again.
·   The New Jersey Devils defeated the Dallas Starts to take home the 2000 Stanely Cup
·   October was owned by Baseball’s New York Yankees, as they tore through the playoffs, finally taking the World Series title by defeating the Mets in 5 games

That’s all from me and the world of 2000 sports. Tune in next time and we’ll take a look into the first official year of the millennium: 2001.
Anyways, lets get back to our countdown: Before Beyonce made it big in the solo artist world, she was the lead member of Destiny’s child. Along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Destiny’s Child rocked the turn of the century with songs such as “Bug a Boo” and “Jumpin Jumpin”. This particular song hit the top of the Billboard hot 100 as well as charts in Austrailia and the United Kingdom.
Enough stalling! Here is the #3 song of the year 2000: Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (play song)
That’s all from me! I’m passin the ball down to my main man ___to bring ya home from here! This is ____ signin out, stay sporty all!